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Our Team

Dan Jr., Owner

I always tell the same story. "I have been doing this since I was not legally of age to be on a job site". Working summers for the family business as a kid being the gofer for the techs. Liebert school and all other major brands of computer room support equipment since 1992. I have designed, installed or serviced, well over 1 million square feet of datacenter space in my time.

Mike Hicks, Sales Manager

He has spent over a decade working with companies to solve their data center cooling and power needs. Originally from Alabama he now makes his home in beautiful Coeur d Alene ID. When not helping with their HVAC needs he spends his time flyfishing the beautiful streams and lakes of North Idaho. 

Diversified Datacenter Services Team

The employees at DDS are the ones doing the rebuild on your data center equipment. They have have a long history of data center related installs and service under their belt that no other supplier on the secondary market has. Hands down. With constant schooling being required for daily service of machines in use., our team is the most trained.