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What we do & Why choose us


Experience Matters

The parent company of DCRE is Diversified Datacenter Services (DDS) founded in 1979. We have been installing and servicing Liebert (and every other brand) of Computer Room Air Conditioner since 1983. Designing, installing, and servicing all components that support the data center space.

Large STOCKING inventory

CRAC units have multiple variations: Tonnage 1 to 50 - Upflow or downflow - Water cooled, air cooled, Glycol or Chilled water - 208v or 460v - Then sizing air cooled unit condensers to the proper ambients. Plus multiple options from reheat & humidity to auxiliary contacts & smoke detectors. As a supplier we must have a very large inventory to truly be able to supply our customers with the RIGHT equipment. Our average inventory is 150 units.

UPSs, 6 to 1000 KW KVA PDUs, 30 to 300 KVA and other power distribution equipment right down to the rack PDU in stock and ready to ship

Generators & Automatic Transfer Switches from small 10KW to 1.1 meg. We can round out your design with the right emergency power generation.

Raised access floor, Computer racks / enclosures, Containment, Cable tray, Etc... If it goes in the room as a piece of "support" equipment, we have all that stuff also.

Refurbished or New Surplus Equipment

When purchasing equipment from us, it is being rebuilt by technicians that actually work in the field servicing and installing this same equipment on a daily basis. We know what goes bad, we know what normal wear items are, we know what items must be replaced to provide a quality product. Why buy a "ran when parked" unit and deal with what you know will be a gamble from another vendor.

Adding options - Reset to current firmware

We modify & have modified Liebert units for 30 years. Using factory supplied kits or kits from our extensive parts inventory. Need your units to have NIC cards or smoke detectors or any one of the 100 "options" Liebert offers. We can do that. 

Since we are current with our factory training we provide the latest firmware upgrades to every unit that leaves our facility. Setting the units back to stand alone or grouped depending on customer requirements.

Design and Engineering

We do this everyday for our local customers, let us help you. Your not just purchasing this weeks widget from us. We actually know where and how to install the best unit for the application. Let us take our 40 years in the industry, and put it to good use for you. Spend your $$ the right way.

Data center Decommissioning / Removal

Since we build computer rooms we also have an innate knowledge about taking them down. If you are moving locations we can help with equipment trade out for your new site. If you are shutting down a site we have the ability to take it back to the walls, and meet building owner requirements. From small 300 square foot rooms to a 4 story building, we have done it all.